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"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
~ Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

Sir Winston Funeral Services International is proud to offer services to families of all beliefs and backgrounds. Our staff are knowledgeable about the funeral and interment customs of most faiths and cultures, and we can help to plan a special and fitting tribute to honor those traditions.

Funeral Services


No matter if your preference is burial, cremation or personalized funeral services, as your funeral planning experts, we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way to make sure your wishes for a meaningful memorial are carried out just as you envisioned.


  • Coffins and Caskets

  • Ashes and Urns

  • Transportation Services

  • Receptions and Memorials

  • Special Cultural or Religious Needs

  • Burial and Internment Services

  • Additional Services:

    • Catering, Flowers, Obituaries

Honoring Life


We accommodate a wide range of traditions, including special requests that conform to your religious, cultural, and societal needs, including:


  • Christian

  • Catholic

  • Jewish

  • Buddhist

  • Hindu

  • More...


We also provide traditional services for military  veterans and those who serve our community in a public safety capacity.



Please let us know if we can help you write a fitting obituary for publication, social media, or notification of colleagues, family, and friends.

Our obituary page allows others to link directly to our site to access the funeral details and make necessary arrangements.

Go there now >



Our staff can provide checklists to help guide you through the funeral preparation process and assist in navigating some of the necessary steps along the way, such as:

  • Contacting the proper authorities

  • Making the "first call"

  • Arranging transportation

  • Delegating others

  • Contacting the insurance provider

  • Notifying your loved one's employer

  • Locating the will and pre-arrangements

  • Contacting Veteran's Affairs

Call us now to speak to someone directly


(Fax) 707-731-0184

Grief and Sympathy


Each person grieves in his or her unique way, and determining the best way to show your support to someone who is grieving can be tough. What’s the best way to convey your sincere sympathy? How can you show you care in a meaningful, appropriate and comforting way?

  • Sympathy cards

  • Condolence messages

  • Flowers, plants, or living memorials

  • Food and small gifts

  • Tokens of remembrance

  • Donations to charities

  • Eulogies and personal tributes

  • Rides, visits, coffee, listening

  • Offer help with chores or tasks

  • Ongoing aftercare

Grief counseling


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things many of us will ever face. Dealing with death is difficult, and grief can sometimes be overwhelming. Depending on your relationship with your loved one and the traditional mourning customs of your faith, the weeks and months after a death in the family may be extremely difficult.


Be sure to take steps to ensure that you are handling the death in an emotionally healthy way, and know that caring for yourself and allowing others to care for you are part of the healing process.

Grief is natural, personal and has no timetable. It may last for a shorter or longer time than you expect, and it may be coupled with feelings of anger, guilt, emptiness or hopelessness.


Whatever your experience, know that there are family and friends all around you who are willing to support you at this time.  It’s hard to know how to handle a death, especially when that person is a close friend or family member.


There are things that need to be done—and more than likely you will not have to do them alone. While your local church or religious organization can provide emotional and faith-based support, we also recommend that you enlist the support of family, friends, and those who were close to your loved one.


It’s so helpful to have someone to assist with planning a funeral and putting someone’s things in order.  It also feels good to have a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Local Grief Counseling Resources:

Sir Winston Funeral Services International

515 Broadway, Vallejo CA

707-654-8197  |  877-747-9467

Veteran Services

675 Texas St. Ste 4700 Fairfield, CA 94533 707-784-6590

Office of Emergency Services

530 Clay St. Fairfield CA 94533



Mental Health Managed Care



St. Helena Mental Health

525 Oregon St Vallejo, CA

707-648-2200 (24Hrs)


Alhambra Valley Counseling

1134 Alhambra Ave Martinez CA


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