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2023 Special ~ $3,295

Our first task is to listen and find details that help bring grace and closure to a difficult time by providing heartfelt, personalized funerals and memorials.

Our 2023 Special Includes:
- Professional Services: $1,495.00
- Embalming: $400.00
- Transfer (local, institutional, business hours) $350.00
- Dressing/Casketing: $300.00
- Funeral Service (weekday chapel only) $400.00
- Funeral Coach (Hearse. See below) $350.00

TOTAL PACKAGE: $3,295.00

Package does not include the following additional funeral home services:
- Casket (casket price: starting at $795)
- Church Service/Weekend Service
- Night service (quiet hour)
- Limousine
- Flower Vehicle
- Applicable taxes & fees
- Cash advances — such as death certificate ($23) and

       permit ($12 in Solano County)
- Flowers
- Programs
- Cemetery
- Certified Copies of Death Certificate
- Permit of Disposition
- Motor Escorts (where allowed)
- Shipping Fees

Special pricing available through December 31, 2023 only.


Direct Cremation ~ $1,395

We believe there is no greater responsibility than honoring and preserving the story of one's life.

Includes: Professional services, Transfer (local, institutional, during business hours), polycomposite cremation container.

Does not include: Applicable taxes and fees, certified copies of death certificate and cremation permit.

Please Note: Additional fees may apply depending upon circumstance. 

Special pricing available through December 31, 2023.

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